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Once Upon A Time...

There was a young man who was a little too angry for his own good. He got mad at everyone and everything no matter what the reason for the slip-up. One day as he sat in traffic yelling at a really really old woman he had a massive heart attack and died at 22.
-The End

Gonna give a new editing program a whirl, see if I can push the right buttons, etc. You know what astounds me? How amazingly good some of these Star Wars fan films are. And you know what else? Even the really bad ones all have at least one impressive effect or something. Sure, sometimes the sound is awful and most times the acting is bad, but the effects are usually pretty cool, and the swordplay in some of these things is the most magnificent I've ever seen outside of an episode of Highlander. I could do that.

Anyway, I'm going to go make a little vcd for myself and test some things. I'm out like a belly button.
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