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Stray Cat Strut

So last night Christy makes the decision to go ahead and let in this pitiful, yet beautiful stray cat. A very good looking cat that has been living outside our dumpster for a while now and has been fed by our neighbor Maggie. Well, the two of them (Maggie and Christy) get this little calico into the house and it is scared to death of the new surroundings. Our first cat, the aptly named Ninja Cat, was being territorial and running around chasing Cali (the unoriginal name we've come up with) all over the house, despite the fact that the two got along famously when there was a screen door separating them. Eventually the new cat Cali gets into the office and that's where we decide to board her for the night. We put up food, water, and a litter pan for her to use (which she did quite well I'm relieved to report) and turned off the computer so the humming wouldn't cause a problem with her. All went well through the night. I woke up first thing this morning to make a vet appointment for this newest addition to the Chandler Family East and it's decided that 9:30 shall be the time the cat will be examined. At nine I'm showered and ready to go and I proceed to the office to attempt to locate, and capture this wild beast. Alas, she wanted nothing to do with it and ran like a madcat all over the place avoiding my attempts at incarcerating her in a carrier. After several minutes I call the vet to let them know I'm going to be late and through their laughter they tell me that it's ok, just get her in whenever and good luck. Smug bastards. So I chase her and chase her until finally I have her trapped in a corner. Or so I think. She dashes behind a dresser and when I run to the other side to cut her off she's no where to be found! She went all "Matrix" on me and disappeared! I finally give up looking for her and carry up Ninja to sniff her out. As it were, there is a small gap between the bottom of the dresser and the floor that is just big enough to squeeze a cat through. So I move everything out of the way and drag the dresser back. Ninja has been avoiding the upstairs through this whole time and has since retired to the comforts of her play box downstairs. Cali finally decides to run out and where does she go? UP THE DAMN WALL! Yes, I mean that literally, she used the window trim to climb to the very top of the wall so that her head was hitting the ceiling. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. My futile attempts to grab her were met with stiff reprimands and swats from the little cur and she finally left her lofty post to begin the ground chase again. The jump from the ceiling to the floor was spectacular as well since she jumped from the window trim, bounced off a wall and hit the ground running faster than anything I'd ever seen before. Again, disappearing act. So I leave the room and let her chill. I call the vet and reschedule the appointment for 3:30. After a while I go back in the room and when I get near her she bolts out the open door (didn't really think she'd go out, what with the threat of a deadly Ninja Cat and all) and dashes downstairs.By the time I get there Ninja has her trapped beneath a chair and is purring/growling at her. I swoop down and grab the Ninja Cat and cold her for acting like such a buffoon when we have a guest in our house. When I put her back down Cali is no where to be found. Where has she gone this time I ponder. Dashing back upstairs I see a dark blur out of the corner of my eyes and pray nothing happens while I'm gone. Once upstairs I quickly gather all the things Cali had become accustomed to in the office and set them outside the door. I then shut all three upstairs doors (bedroom, office, and bathroom) and fly down the steps to see what's happening. I hear nothing, I see nothing. I walk into the kitchen and am amazed to see a tail sticking out of the bottom of one of my cabinets. Upon further inspection I discover that there is a small gap leading into the cabinets that is just big enough to squeeze a cat through, and hear my plates rattling around. SHE'S IN THE CABINET ITSELF! ARGH! So I remove as many dishes as I can safely get my hands on and there she's sat for the past few hours. The vet appointment is in a little less than two hours and in that time I've got to figure out a way to get her into the pet prison known as the Carrier. Wish me luck!
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