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Gel in the ball

So I'm a little bummed. Watched a friend get married this weekend and watched her twin lose a little piece of herself. I think I'm a little more empathic than I give myself credit for because I can still feel the echo in my head. Like this feeling of losing myself, in the most literal sense of the word. I dunno. I do know that the 4800 miles I've travelled this past week have taken a serious toll on me and that I'm more than fucking exhausted.

Store was ran pretty well while I was away so I was a bit happy about that. We're doing pretty well and it's becoming clear to me that it's going to be easy to stay in the top three or four. I'm sick of being in one of the bottom stores. Since I started with the company I got stuck behind either unmotivated and lazy or uneducated and confused people. Then i got Brad in my corner training me as much as possible in the short time we worked together, and he's there when i need him. It's officially my turn to show these folks what I can do and I'm going to do that. Every day, every week, every time. My name will never again be seen floating down there at the bottom of the district ranking sheets. My store will be one of the elite. I will know what's going on and my staff will be one of the best in the district. No questions, no excuses, no nothing. It's a done deal. Starting now and until I leave this company I will be one of the best. My name will be up on the slides at the meetings and people will know who I am and what I'm capable of.

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