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Well gang, I made it home finally and I'm fucking exhausted. Last Sun. I got up at 3 in the morning o go to Vegas, and I haven't gotten more than 4 hours of sleep a night since. All that's going to change tonight though. Eli is officially putting himself on the disabled list and crashing hard in a few minutes.

On another note, I went to Sarah's wedding this weekend. That was kind of weird. I never thought it would happen so fast, but there she was, looking radiant and happy in her wedding dress (now, amusingly so, stained by grape juice). I'm still in a form of shock I think and this might take a while to get over...

Saw Becky and Carrie while I was there too. That was cool as shit because I hadn't seen either of them in almost five years. What's up with that? I'm joining a frequent flyers club and I refuse to let more than a few months go by at a time between seeing long lost friends. I gotta get home to Indiana for my first trip, so we'll see what the new year can bring us as far as travelling goes. Plus, I have to get back out to Vegas, and now San Francisco.

Anyway, I'm wicked tired so I'm going to respond to a few e-mails and crash my biological system.
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